Competencies that I am Seeking to Strengthen this Year

A short list of the technical subjects that I am going to focus on learning.

I am always working to broaden my skill-set as a developer, and I wanted to sit down in the early months of the new year to consider which technologies I should focus on either learning or improving my understanding of. Given that I have always favored back-end skills over front-end skills, I thought it was time that I focus on improving my JavaScript chops. Also, being competent with technologies such as Docker, Jenkins, Nginx, and Chef will help me stay relevant as more and more developers are broadening their skills to include DevOps-related tech.

How to Spot a Faker

...and why you should be your authentic self.

Whether in an IRC channel, a Hacker News thread, or some other forum, you are bound to run into the "faker"--a person who inflates their competence, importance, or body of work in order to drive up their self-worth and clout. These self-aggrandizing troglodytes can be found in all walks of life, but there seems to be an influx of them into the world of computer programming riding the wave of start-ups that has emerged over the past couple of years.

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