Quick Hack for Rails / Bootstrap Validations

A quick javascript hack to make Rails and Bootstrap work well together for form validations.

New Release: dgen v0.5.0

Reviving and revamping an old project.

After a long period of dormancy, I have made some much needed updates for the dgen project.

New Release for gbud!

My early Christmas present to the Ruby community.

Announcing a new release of the gbud project.

Upgrading to Bootstrap 4 beta and Rails 5.1

the major revisions that I made when upgrading this weekend

A quick tutorial on several changes that I made on my blog as I upgraded both Bootstrap (to 4, beta) and Rails (to 5.1).

Renaming Files with Ruby

writing a quick script to programmatically perform a common task

Ruby is a great tool for performing repetitive tasks programmatically. Although many prefer using shell scripting for tasks such as renaming a directory of files, I personally opt for Ruby's ease of use and expressiveness. This article covers how you can easily rename a directory of files.

Restoring Postgres After a Major Version Upgrade

a quick (and probably wrong) way to restore Postgresql after a major version upgrade.

This short article was written as I restored postgres on my local machine after a major version upgrade. There is undoubtedly a correct way to do this that I probably overlooked, but here's the quick hack that I came up with.

Increase your Efficiency as a Rubyist by using a REPL

using vim, tmux, and pry to become a more efficient coder.

This article demonstrates the benefits of using a REPL to increase your efficiency when developing software in the Ruby ecosystem.